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So you don't want a strapless gown..easy! just add straps

custom lace straps for bridal gown

There are so many gown style options for brides these days. Yet, I constantly hear brides requesting a gown that has straps.

"I don't want to be that bride that is pulling her dress up all night!"

-so many brides

Ladies! Please go to a proper couture tailor before your wedding and make sure that your gown fits properly! Your strapless gown should not be falling down if it is tailored perfectly.

Usually, the culprit is that darn strapless bra slipping down under the dress and that is causing the "dress falling down" dance. If you look at the construction of most bridal gowns, they are already designed with a bra foundation.

Why do you need an additional bra underneath a constructed gown? Most gowns can have bra cups sewn in for a little added push-up and you are ready to go!

So that was a slight diversion to our strap discussion....

Lets talk straps. Straps can be added to most any gown. Why should you be limited to finding a gown that has straps already if the perfect gown already exists IF it had straps.

Adding straps is so easy.

#1 Purchase an extra yard of fabric from your bridal boutique as having matching lace is much easier than trying to match up fabric.

#2 Gather some inspiration pictures or meet with a couture tailor to help you with design ideas.

#3 Use the lace or fabric from your gown to create a cap sleeve or strap to create the PERFECT GOWN


Creating custom straps is just one of the many custom services Renee Pawele offers at her trunk shows. Please see schedule.

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