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Should I wear a veil during my wedding?

wear a veil at my wedding?

I was not a traditional bride. I tied the knot on a Catalina Island, off the coast of Southern California, 20 long years ago.

Back in those days, a beach wedding was a novel idea. I shopped several bridal stores asking for sheath bridal gowns and found only a few in only one store that was not full and super bridal-ish.

I wanted to wear a sexy gown inspired by fashion...not Princess Diana (no offense to Princess D. as she was a babe)

I had a tear out from a magazine (before Pinterest) of an ice blue Versace gown that inspired my vision. There was NO VEIL in my vision.

The morning of my wedding, my sister-in-law lovingly INSISTED I wear a veil. Pulling out a bag she showed me her old veil attached to a mess of white paper leaves and pearls. She grabbed some scissors and off all the embellishment and handed me a simple veil with a comb.

It was a little change, but it was a great change. I was THE BRIDE. Years later, when my daughter and I would look at my wedding images, she was drawn to and loved the few pictures of mom in her bridal veil. As time has passed, I totally agree with my sister-in-law and my daughter. I am so glad I veiled down the isle.

Wearing a veil is the one moment in time to be a BRIDE. If you are not a veil girl. I hear you sister. This moment that isn't necessarily for the bride.

It's a moment for dad walking you down the isle.

It's a moment for mom helping you put the veil on.

It's a moment for your daughter admiring your wedding album.

The best photos come from the veil detail. There are so many creative shots that can be captured with the veil. Check it out. Look at veil pictures on Pinterest. Search the hashtag #nailtheveil on Instagram.

Tell me if you start to see it my way.


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