• Renee Pawele

To blush or not to blush...should I cover my face down the isle?

I ask brides this question every day.

"So do you want to wear a blusher with your veil?'

This question is always answered with a blank confused expression.

"I mean, do you want to cover you face as you walk down the isle?"

One again, the bride always responds with "I never thought about it."

This tradition of "hiding the bride from evil spirits", was frequently seen in more traditional or formal church weddings but are currently seldom seen in weddings.

Personally, I love the blusher! When do you ever get to dramatically walk down an isle covering your beauty form evil spirits???

blushing bride wearing blusher veil

This dramatic veil style choice is often seen on the bridal runways at New York Fashion Week, sometimes touching the floor in front of the model!

Just think of how sweet it would be for dear dad to get to raise the blusher, unveiling you to your man.

I get goose bumps just thinking about the moment.

Future bride, consider doing this long lost tradition. Your father would love this special moment. And you may too!


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